Things you should start doing in 2021 for the best tan results

Things you should start doing in 2021 for the best tan results

Getting spray tan for the first time is one of those experiences we all remember. Most of us have our fair share of good and bad spray tanning experiences. You might have tried spray tanning as a teenager when you probably had little knowledge about how it works. Or your spray tan might have developed blotchy and uneven. There are many reasons why your spray tan may not turn how you would have wished. While using self-tanner is the easiest way to achieve a bronzed skin tone, you should consider exploring spray tanning salons near you for better results.

The trick to having a perfectly glowing tan is ensuring your skin is prepped for a spray tanning procedure. Your tan will last longer if you properly exfoliate your skin and keep it hydrated. If you plan to make your visits to the tanning booth more frequently, you should start doing these things.

  • Avoid Hot Showers.

Although the spring season has officially arrived in the U.S, many of us still prefer taking hot showers. While your beautician may have advised you to take a lukewarm water shower to rinse any guide color off your skin, but it’s best to keep the shower shot. Taking warm showers will actually make your tan fade faster. A cooler and quicker shower will help you keep the tan for a longer period.

  • Keep your skin hydrated and moisturized.

Cracked and flaky tan is something we all hate. Skin dryness can make your tan crack or turn flaky. The secret to a glowing and natural-looking tan is the deep hydration of the skin. Even if your skin is not feeling dry, make it a habit to moisture your skin often. Moisturizing your skin will also add to the life of the tan. There are various skin moisturizers and hydrating mousse available in the market. Pick the one that suits your skin and complements your tan.

  • Increase water intake.

While moisturizing your skin will keep it from getting dry, increasing water intake will ensure your skin is hydrated from within. Before visiting your closest tanning booth, consider upping your water consumption. Besides preventing the tan from fading faster, drinking water offers a plethora of health benefits. Drinking enough water has been proven effective in reducing fine lines and wrinkles. 

  • Set a tanning goal.

We all get tempted to try a new shade or buy self-tanning products. Before doing so, make sure you have set a tanning goal for yourself. Are you preparing for a wedding or going on a vacation? Do you experience sunburn too often? Knowing the answers to these questions will allow you to pick the right shade and product. Knowing and understanding your natural undertone will also help you choose the tan shade that complements your skin.

  • Clean your mitt.

If you frequently indulge in a self-tanning ritual, you should keep your tan mitts and tan applicators clean. A quick rinse or machine wash is enough to bring back your mitts to life. You can also consider investing in a new pair of mitts for your next tanning procedure.