How Does It Work?

Just about any way you want. When you call us, we’ll make a preliminary assessment of:

  • Your goals
  • What type of trainer you would like (male or female; drill sergeant or cheerleader, etc).
  • If you have any special conditions (diabetes, cerebral palsy, trick knee, etc).
  • Where do you want to train? We send many trainers right to your home with all necessary equipment for a great workout. Other people like to come to one of our fitness centers.

Then we’ll pick a trainer and have them give you a call directly to set up the appointment. If you don’t click with the first trainer we send, don’t worry. We won’t even charge you; we’ll simply send someone else next time until you are completely thrilled.

How can you get a great workout at home even if you have no equipment? We bring strong rubber tubing, medicine balls, and stability balls. We also do bodyweight calisthenics, Army-style drills, boxing and martial arts exercises, Yoga, Pilates, and more! Try it! It’s fun and it works!